We build durable raised garden beds that provide quality spaces to grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Benefits of raised beds...

Superior growing environment. Raised beds warm faster in the spring to encourage earlier growth; they drain well to limit root rot; and soil is less compacted than in-ground beds.

Increased accessibility. People with limited mobility, including those with back, hip, and knee pain, can more freely reach raised beds due to the height. This makes gardening accessible to nearly everyone.

Quality growing medium. Gardeners can fill raised beds with  loamy soil then continue amending it with compost and fertilizer to ensure the best possible soil for their plants.

Help protect from pests. Deer, rabbits, voles, and other animals want to eat your plants. Raised beds enable gardeners to more easily protect their gardens, especially when combined with fencing.

Gain food independence. Disruptions in our food system limit access to some foods while increasing the costs of others. Grow your own food to enjoy the financial and health benefits of that independence.

Improve well-being. Studies have proven the simple act of gardening can improve a person's mental and physical health. Raised garden beds provide dedicated space to address your well-being.

Proudly built in Duluth, Minnesota!